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Agario Mechanics

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Agario Mechanics: Basic, viruses, and others. Let’s explore one by one right now!

Basic Mechanics basic mechanics is about the normal cell. They are the circle-shaped cell and have various color even Skins.

  • To grow your cell, you must eat non-player pellets first and other players later. Of course, you will increase your mass quicker if you swallow opponents that have the same color. Each absorbed blob will help you become bigger.
  • When you and others are little, you will move faster than when you are larger.
  • You can use the Spacebar to split 50% of your mass into two blobs if you have enough mass. And launch it forward the prey to eat it. Splitting is the necessary strategy when you get larger. It will be harder if you don’t split to eat players. But it’s quite risky!
  • Besides, you also eject some mass following the way you are moving. To increase the speed and feed the virus, you should do these actions.
  • To absorb another cell, your mass must be larger 25% than the opponent you want. It means your diameter must be approximately 11%.
  • Each cell will have to experience losing the mass passively over time. And this is related to the current size. So, it means the larger cells will decrease much more than the smaller ones.
  • The maximum amount of the cell you can split is 16.
  • And 22,500 is the limited size that your cell can get. When you split, all of the parts of the divided cell may be bigger than the original number. But if you gather every blob, they will come back to 22,500.

Agario Virus Mechanics

Agario Viruses

The virus is one of the cells in the online Agario game. They have the shape different from the normal with several small spikes around. And they have the green color.

  • The virus may be friendly for the cell having the smaller size. You can control your cell to hide under it if you get trouble without negative effects. However, it is not quite safe for the bigger guys. It can make them explode into many blobs.
  • So, every blob that has the smaller size than 130 can use the virus as the shield. It will promote the work best when you hide to avoid the chasing of the enemy.
  • To feed a virus, you need to use the W key. At that time, you can eject the mass into it. Until you eject seven times, a new virus will be born. It will be launched out of the old virus toward the direction you were feeding. You can use this method to split another blob.
  • Ejecting makes you lose 16 some mass but what you have ejected just only has 90% of your size.
  • In unblocked Agario, while the other is trying to feed a virus into your cell, you also apply this way by feeding back a virus into their cell. Doing this action, you can stop the cell from being hit and make the opponent split into many pieces. Once they are not in a group, you are able to swallow all easily.

Finally, it is Agario other Mechanics.

Agario Other Mechanics

  • You can use skins to
  • You can unlock the milestones when you get the certain size so that you can see the current mass. Just press the toolbar next to the Play button and select “Show Mass”. In here, you can know the own development process and see the passive mass you lose.

We have recently introduced all guides about kinds of the cell and how to play Agario game online effectively. Now, you can access, apply these Mechanics and prove your ability. Surely, they will help you so much. Remember the objective and don’t forget the opponents. Have much fun!

[Total: 4    Average: 4.3/5]

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