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Agario Mods

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Agario Mods

Agario Mods

Agario Mods has many unique functions to create Skins to the cell, chat with other players and more.

  1. The first mod we want to introduce is the Home. In here, you can learn a lot of how to control your game. It has many features for you to explore:
  • Follow Agario game without breaking the rules.
  • You can customize Skins by other Scripts.
  • On the startup, you can show the mass.
  • Fix bugs to stop the suddenly freezing.
  • Have the popup to confirm when you want to leave Agario.
  • The mass graphic will figure out the performance.
  • There are stats when you end Agario.
  • And it can save the checkbox settings.

Besides, we have many additional keys:

  • Use ALT plus 1 to the FPS counter.
  • To view stats, you can use Z key.
  • T is for standard time.
  • Ctrl + f are for the full-screen

And a variety of new usages such as the sound effects, the background music, the acid mode, so on.

To save the stats after ending Agario game, talk with friends or team up and more, you need to create new account by selecting the big bar on the right. We also have the video below to guide you complete step by step.

  1. It’s enough to introduce the homepage. Now, we will move to the next Agario Skin Mods You can see a lot of impressive Skins that players have created based their idea. To do that, you must follow all steps for this situation including making an account, install user script manager to your browser and more. If you want to change your cell in the easier way, we also give you the fast way. You can select any name in the list you like most. Copy and paste it into the Nick field. So, you can enjoy Agario game excitedly.
  2. Enjoy Agario you can talk about everything about Agario In Chatting Mods, you can connect online with others and discuss of the gameplay, the result and so on. Click “Continue through to chat” and you have the chance to interact and learn many experiences from the good guys. However, you may wait for some minutes for responses. If you see any rubbish in your chat room, you can ignore and find better opinions. You have the right to control this Agario Chatting Mod.
  3. If you have a problem with Agario mods, you can visit Help. It can solve your trouble fastest.
  4. Ogar Server is the open source program. You can change the spectated player with Q.
  • The game Modes is free for all to enlarge the cell.
  • If you play Teams, you will have the simple color like red, blue or green. And you will work together.
  • The Hunger Games looks like FFA. Be quick to press Ply button after the match ends. In case you see the blank screen hit Esc and “Spectate”.
  • When you begin Agario, a player will be chosen suddenly, and they are the seeker. The hider will lose in a virus or run away. The situation can be reversed.
  • FFA mode has some changes such as no names; the color will be deleted every some minutes, get no mass when feeding virus.
  • The Teams Modes also changes. Q key allows you eat the teammates. There are different teams from Vanilla Agario.
  • The chat window will not be public. Activate it by pressing C, Enter or “/”.
  1. The current mass just shows the high score.
  2. Use the certain name you can have the additional Skins. You can view more at
  3. About Agario Custom Skins, you can toggle the “No Custom Skins” setting.
  • If you want to connect Skins, you can type “*” followed by a connect username.
  • Imgur Skins allows you name your cell “i/”, followed by the Imgur Image ID.
  • Youtube Skins you can write “+”, followed by the Youtube username.
  • Also, we also have the client skin and more.
  1. Auto-saving of settings save your achievement each time you change.
  2. Fix the bugs for the Laptop touchpad to stop the accidental freezing.
  3. Be careful if you reload or leave!
  4. The mass graph can be turn off or on with the Show Chart setting.
  5. The Current Stats has many functions. You can open it with Z key.

Debug Options

  1. Debug Options can be toggled with Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4.
  2. Firefox Full Screen Mode can be used with Ctrl+ F.
  3. Audio has sound effects and BGM.
  4. Access Acid Mode with “Acid”
  5. Custom Background remind you for the image url. The file styles are supported: .png, .jpg, .gif, .svg, .bmp and other using plug-ins.
  6. Benchmarker will be turned on with the ‘T’ Key or Alt+T.
  7. Parties Mode GPS is activated while playing Party Mode.
  8. Toggle the ‘Show Teamed Mass’ setting you will have the Teams Mode Allied Cell’s Mass.
  9. Colorless Viruses is the viruses with the greyscale.
  10. Skins in Teams Mode will not change.
  11. Open Ogar Connect with Alt+C can create a popup.
  12. The lag recovery is performed with Alt+ R stopping the script execution.
  13. Maximize View Range maximizes your view at 16:9.
  14. It’s compatible with Ghostery.

You can refer more videos here:

Thanks for reading and following Agario Mods! Play Agario the game now! Have a good day!

[Total: 21    Average: 4.2/5]

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