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Agario Teams

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Agario Teams is one of the four modes available to play!

Agario Teams

Agario Teams

Unlike the other game modes such as FFA or Experimental, once you join in Teams, you will have no chance to change or make anything for cell’s skin. All of the players in here will accept the assigned color. Actually, when you select the play button, you will spawn a cell in the simple skin, maybe Red, Blue or Green. You should not think this is so bored because it will prevent the confusion very well. So, it also plays a little influence for Teams. If you are green, others have the same color as you will be your allies. And people who are blue will be a team and so on. Besides the skins, the objective of the online game will not change.

We will have some rules that you must remember and don’t break it. team will need you work together to take over the Leaderboard by absorbing everyone in the opposite team. Also, you should help each other when anyone in your team gets trouble. When you become the member of the wide organization, you can’t eat teammates. In the dangerous situations, you will be the obstacle if you block their survival way. Thus, everything we recommend you should follow these instructions and improve it. You can’t grow your cell in the Agario team mode if you don’t work generously!

To play Teams successfully, you need to practice these guides. They will include what you should do and what you shouldn’t accomplish.

First of all, we will explore the advice.

  • You can feed your teammates in necessary situations. It is the time you suddenly see the member failed in trying to absorb another opponent. So, you just stop your journey in seconds and help him or her. Maybe his mass is not big enough to eat the bait. Because the rule has ever said that you must be larger 25% of the other’s size, you will be able to swallow your food. By using the W key, you can shoot the amount of the mass he needs until he can. When you feed him, you sent a part of your body to him. It will not cost too much.
  • If you get any problem, and you receive the help, you should remind and find the way to return the favor for them. You can repay the mass you borrowed or ate and even more by feeding back. Press the W key to complete this precious action. If you don’t play selfishly, you will have many good friends and this work will create the relationship with team members. I think this is the nice idea for those who are playing online Agario
  • Once you want to get out of the game field, you should donate all of the mass you had to someone in your team. Look around and choose anyone and feed him everything you have by hitting W key a few times into his cell. If you don’t want to do this, you may be attacked and stolen your life.
  • Play Agario Teams, you should apply this strategy: Stay close to your team! It’s really a great idea! Especially, when you are still small, this way is helpful for you. When you keep a safe distance, you can eject to avoid the attack and consume the food.

Aside from the advice, you also follow these instructions to protect your cell.

  • Because you and your team member can’t go through each other, you’d not better block their movement.
  • The most important guide to playing Agario Teams is not to be selfish! If you help anyone in danger, the result you get will be better than what you did too much.

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[Total: 5    Average: 3.6/5]

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