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Astro Race

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About Astro Race

Come to play an awesome classic racing game called Astro Race and show off your abilities! It will be so fun to drift around in space with your little spaceship. The in-game mission here is to race against lots of enemy spaceships controlled by real human players. You need to control the ship skillfully, drift carefully on the edges of the track to fill up the boost bar. Keep making the bar full of power so you will be able to give a speed boost to your ship. Once speeding up, you can totally leave all other players behind, and get closer to the victory. The game features a wide range of many tracks to play on each of which you finish 5 laps of. Make sure to watch out for your surroundings, defend yourself, get to the higher leagues and finish the race as the final victor. Good luck to you!

How to play

Use keys A/D or left/right arrow keys to steer, use key W or up arrow key to speed up.

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