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Time to present your excellent sports skills in – a must-try sports-themed web browser IO game! There are two teams competing against each other, and it’s up to you to join either the red team or the blue team. Once the match is kicked off, you must roam the map skillfully, dribble and kick the white ball into the goal of your opposing team for scoring points. There is a power bar that will run out through over time. Make sure to gather blue or green energy circles on the pitch to refill them, then use that power bar for more strength when you’re about to shoot the ball. Don’t forget to work with your team, support each other so as to overcome the challenges easily. Also, you’d better stay watchful for the surroundings as the rival teams can defeat your team anytime. Try your hardest to score points and turn yourself into a Bango legend.

How to play

Use the mouse for controlling the character. Click the right mouse or key C for dashing. Use the left mouse to speed up. Press key X to brake and key F for changing the camera.

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