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About is much inspired by the classic Bomberman games. The game is free to access in a browser! You can pick your favorite character and give him a name. When the battle is kicked off, you will start roaming through the arena trying to plant bombs to slay all other players. You should drop one right next to another player, run away then watch it explode. Make sure that you won’t get trapped by the bombs of other opponents, or else you will end up destroyed. Do not stay close to your bomb either because it will deal damage to you when it explodes. You should play the game with good tactics to outwit all others and don’t forget to collect many power-ups to strengthen yourself. The goal of the game is to become the best bomberman in the entire bomber arena! Let’s play it now to show off your skills!

How to play

Move your bomberman using arrow keys. Press spacebar to place a bomb, and use keys AZE to use special.

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