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Are you a cat lover or a dog lover? Pick your favorite side in game and help your team defeat the opposing one! The game opens a brutal battle between the cats and mice. You must roam the map carefully trying to absorb as much food as possible dispersed around, and the more you eat, the larger you are! Then, you must go attack the rival team, use your abilities with good strategies to outwit all of them and try to protect your team all the time. You should continue building your army then fill it with mice or cats. Once you have a strong army, you will find it much easier to defeat the rival team. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings, have all the skills ready to cope with the dangers, play tactically then lead your team to the final victory. Give it a shot now! Wish you luck!

How to play

Direct your character using the mouse. Click left mouse to assault, use the right mouse for merging troops.

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