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About puts you in the shoes of a cute little cat wandering around the big arena trying to eat food for growing up. There are many enemy cats in the map, and fighting against them while you’re still small and weak is not good at all, so you need to eat food to increase your size fast. Once you have reached a good size, you should start attacking your opponents by biting them from behind. Attempt to slay them while protecting yourself from their attacks. You can utilize your special moves to outwit them, and don’t forget to develop your own smart strategies throughout the course of the fight. You will be able to level up then evolve into a stronger creature armed with better abilities. The final goal here is to build your dominance in this arena. Think you can become the strongest cat here? Let’s give it a shot now!

How to play

Move the cat around the map using the mouse. Press keys QWE for using an ability.

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