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About is a style game. Play and choose the best strategies to win! Before you rule, you should master how to collect resources, find food, equip shield or hat, and survive in the winter. With materials that you gather, you are able to restore your energy, keep you safe, and craft a lot of stronger tools or even weapons and modern vehicles. Additionally, do not forget to search for diamond which can be seen at night. It and gold will create the best gear to attack other bases. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, Left mouse to perform, T to throw, +/- to zoom camera, 0-9 to select items, Enter to chat, P to open the map.
Ctrl + Left mouse on items in chests to move them between chests and inventory.
Hold Shift while building to create in a row. Hold Shift when controlling your inventory to split stacks.

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