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In – an epic Space-themed Strategy game, you have to capture multiple planets and attempt to develop your galaxy. When you engage in the fight against enemies, you must send your swarms of ships into the combat from planet to planet then let them wipe out all enemies that are also trying to defeat you. After defeating the enemies, your units will help you capture almost the entire galaxy, which is your main objective in the game. However, it won’t be an easy task! You need to master the controls and make smart movements for your units so they can outplay all enemies. In addition, you should concentrate on bigger planets as they produce ships much faster. The middle of the game is the key to win, so go there for a better chance of winning. Will you be able to build your ultimate dominance here? Jump into the game now!

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys or WASD to move, press the spacebar to jump to your home planet.

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