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Step into a vast arena of where you will battle against enemies from other countries. Before entering the arena, you should pick your favorite skin and set a name to your character. There are plenty of weapons you can choose from, such as Samurai Swords, Maces, Axes, and long swords. You need to make good use of your chosen weapon to deal damage to the rivals as you come across them, and make sure to defend yourself from their attacks. Swing the sword skillfully when roaming the map! Pick up many colored jellies dispersed on the ground to grow your score as well as increase the length of your weapon. You are armed with a dash ability that can be used to catch up a target or get away from dangers. Be sure to stay alive for as long as possible and get to the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the top champion!

How to play

Control your character using the mouse. Press the spacebar or click the left mouse to attack the enemies. Use key W or click the right mouse for dashing.

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