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How to Play with Friends

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Agario: Play the game with Friends!

With the useful tips and tricks, you can solve the problem: How to play Agario game with friends easily!

Agario play with friends

Agario: Play the game with friends

Agario is the multiplayer online game based on JavaScript. On the average, this game welcomes more thousands of plays on each server. There are current eight servers in many countries around the world. With an extensive distribution and an extensive online network, Agario can be shared with every kind of ages. Most of them are attracted by the simple gameplay and graphic. It’s very easy to master. You just control your cell and enlarge it as much as possible. If you are the biggest, you will conquer the Leaderboard. Besides the basic movement, you can split or eject the mass. However, all these missions are difficult for you to complete. Sometimes, you are tired of playing again and again. Seeing other giants tantalizingly in front of you also make you inhibited. You need the alley to defeat these opponents and become the strongest player. But who can help you? Why don’t you call your friends? We will give the way to play game with them!

Here, we have two ways to enjoy Agario unblocked game together in the same map. We will explore the first guide now.

  • Now, you or your friend will open the browser. Type and access. As usual, there will be a box with the requests of the server, the name, or the mode. You should focus on your task. Don’t fill anything before you press the f12 key. Or you must click the Right mouse in case you can’t use f12. Then, choose Inspect element.
  • These two steps will move you to a new window. In which you can see a variety of orders. Just find the Console button at the right corner. Click it and have the information below.
  • You can see the IP address with the chain of numbers formed “Connecting to ws://”. Copy these numbers and send it to your friends.
  • It’s time for your friend to do. He must visit Agario game, hit f12 or follow another way to lead the Console. Select it and type what you have given. Under Console, he should write connect(“ws://”)

All right! You and he have the same IP address. The next thing to do right now is to play Agario and eat together.

We promise to bring the best strategy guides for you to fight with friends in the same server. Besides the first way, you can refer this second tip.

  • Let’s search the official user manager for your browser and install it, for example, Tampermonkey for Chrome and Greasemonkey for Safari or Firefox.
  • Next, you need go to agarmods to download the script. Everything is free!
  • From the first page, you will choose the install button.
  • Then, you open
  • You can see the IP Address in the following image. Just copy it and pass it to your friends.
  • Finally, he pastes your IP address into the IP blank.

Successfully! Both of you have the same IP server! Visit Agario the game now!

Agario game is now easy to be conquered! It’s time to enter the Skin name and play the game online. Eat and do anything you want without fearing of your opponents. However, you must still pay attention around and protect each other. All of you can make the unique group and grow it powerfully. Stay closely and move strategically. Hope these guides can answer the question about playing Agario with friends. Enjoy your time!

[Total: 9    Average: 4/5]

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