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Do you think you can get through all the challenges and dangers in – an Upgrades Free-For-All IO game online? Have your abilities ready for this interesting yet tough adventure then see how long you can put up with the in-game challenges. You enter the woods with nothing but just a simple bow and some arrows. You need to roam around the land trying to collect as many power-ups as possible with some resources. After that, you make good use of them to build strong bunkers, craft advanced items or even set many deadly traps in order to finish off the enemies who are trying to put your life to an end. You must do whatever it takes to protect yourself from their attacks, get through all the risks around you then evolve into the ultimate master of the forest. Jump into the game now to show off your abilities! Good luck!

How to play

Move around the forest using WASD. Click left mouse to shoot.

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