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Monarchies is a multiplayer RPG top-down web-browser game online where you play as a queen honey bee that has to carry out a lot of interesting tasks. You have a huge number of workers that need to be commanded carefully. They will help you generate a strong army, build a safe hive, lay multiple eggs as well as finish all the missions you give them. The most important thing here is that you must learn how to manage each aspect skillfully, ranging from collecting nectar to enlarging your realm. You should let the workers forage flowers for nectar, nurse your brood to produce new workers, construct brand new cells onto the hive as well as battle against deadly wasps or even wicked players that want to finish off your kingdom. Be sure to utilize your strategies to outplay all other opponents, never stop growing your army and turn yourself into the best queen honey bee of all!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD or the left mouse for the movement or interacting, do actions by pressing the number keys.

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