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Most Popular Agario Feature Game

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Agario Feature

Here, we have the most popular Agario feature game including the account system, the membership login and levels!

Indeed, Agariod is the amazing online game in which you will have many chances to show your skill, prove your capacity and play with a lot of players from everywhere. Besides the basics modes or the usual gameplay, we also have many new strategy guides to enjoy Agario in an own way.

Agario Login or Guest Feature

Login or Guest

Now, welcome to the first one: The account system and the membership login! What is the account system? It means you can connect Agario unblocked with an online social network via Facebook. It is added into the box from the first page. You can see it clearly by accessing Agario game. Open your browser, type and you have the new change. From now on, the old play button is replaced by other ones. They are “Play as guest” and “Login and play”. The first one has the same function as previous. If you want to join with a Facebook account, you can drag the mouse to the Facebook bar having its symbol. Play Agario by Facebook you can get many benefits such as the mass of the cell in the beginning is bigger, and its speed is also faster. Click it and you have another box together with the Facebook Avatar and the missions you have to complete. It is the different part from the Agario game you have ever played.

So, explore Agario game with this account system you must follow levels. You not only conquer the leader position but also share your result with your friends. This feature is pretty awesome. Although there are many opinions about this one, the developer launched this system as both Facebook and Agario are popular and friendly. Turn back to the level. You must control your cell so that it can eat the smaller players and pellets to enlarge its size. When you reach the target, you can finish the required XP point and rank. Let’s play game and see if how many challenges you can overcome! It will bring to you many funny moments!

Agario Levels

Agario Levels

How about AgarMods? It helps you enjoy Agario the game with your friends easily with the detailed guides. By installing the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey to your browser and getting the same IP address, you can join with your friends in the same map. But now, this extension has changed. They also introduced an account system and membership login and asked players have to create a new account to use this AgarMod. It is not the good idea to enjoy Agario game.

There are lots of emails, comments about playing Agario with this most popular feature. They said that it was not fair. They wonder why you have to own a Facebook account to join and why they are not allowed to submit a simple form. But this is the decision of founders. And it may be the good solution because Facebook is now easy to access and use. You can open it very fast. And experience the exciting feeling when dominating Agario’s leaderboard.

Play Agario game now!

[Total: 7    Average: 4.1/5]

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