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In, you will have to discover your surroundings, expand your territory, make use of items and go slay all enemies in brutal fights. This is a nice real-time strategy game giving you an awesome gaming experience with many challenges to conquer. In the game, you have to build a base and create big farms to pick up money for your coffers and once you have earned money, you can totally use it to fund the empire. At the same time, be sure to recruit more units, form a big army then send them out into the fight to defeat the enemies. You should frequently check what your opponents are building, and prepare some strategies to crush them down, especially their castles. Try your hardest to defend your castle, protect the kingdom and keep developing it until you build your dominance in the entire playing area! Are you ready? Join it now!

How to play

Buy units using the left mouse, use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, and use keys WASD to view around the map.

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