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About is an MMORPG game online where you direct some characters around the big map full of monsters. They are everywhere across the land, so bumping into multiple of them is an unavoidable thing. You have to make your way through this dangerous land in an attempt to collect gold with valuable items that can be utilized to exchange for power-ups. If you come across the monsters, try to quickly defeat them all using your weapons while defending yourself from getting defeated. As you progress and pick up more kills, you will become a stronger creature in this arena. The final goal of this IO game is to rise to the top rank on the leaderboard for becoming the most dangerous creature. To achieve this goal, you must finish off everything in sight and don’t forget to utilize your strategies to outwit your opponents. Give it a try now! Wish you luck!

How to play

Use the right mouse for rotating the camera. Click the left mouse for moving or interacting with objects. Use key E to open the inventory, and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in/out.

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