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Slither Birds

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About Slither Birds

You surely get excited to play a nice IO game called Slither Birds – an epic mixture between and Angry Birds. Rather than controlling a snake, now, you direct a snake bird roaming through the map to eat a lot of colored eggs dispersed on the floor. The more eggs you gather, the larger you are. Through over time, you become a stronger snake, and this is the perfect moment for you to go hunt! You should aim at some enemy snakes near you, encircle them with your long body, or even speed up to bypass them, forcing them to run into your body. You shouldn’t speed up too much because the size of your snake will be decreased as you do that. Also, make sure you watch out for your surroundings and do not let other players get an edge over you. The final game objective here is to become the giant snake bird ruling the arena!

How to play

Move your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed up.

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