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Come to play another exciting Snake game called and see how many opponent snakes you can destroy! In this Slither-inspired IO game, you direct a little snake around the map trying to absorb as many food orbs as possible in order to make your size much larger than ever. It’s very important to increase your mass as you will have more advantages to defeat the opponents. You can use your long body to encircle the enemy snakes, or even speed up (which will reduce your mass over time) to bypass them and block their movements, causing them to crash into you. At the same time, you’d better keep your head safe and try not to crash into the body of a certain enemy snake, or else you will end up dying. The game goal is to become the largest snake that dominates the entire arena! Are you ready? Try it now!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct and control your snake. Click the left mouse to speed up.

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