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About is a 2D Shooter following Battle Royale concept. You should get your skills ready for fighting against multiple online opponents. When you kick off the game, you can use a basic pistol to shoot down any enemies standing in your way. But when you roam through the map, you can find and gather more weapons then use them to kill others more easily. You can also pick up more other dispersed materials on the floor to fill up the power bar, and once it’s full, you can search for one of the weapon circles on the map then enter it. Inside the circle, feel free to exchange your power bars for a new upgraded weapon, in addition, your health will be automatically restored when entering a circle. Keep in mind that you must play tactically, kill all enemies, survive then work your way up to the highest rank on the leaderboard. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD for moving, click the left mouse button to fire.

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